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First Quarter of 2015 (31:1)
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Editorial / We All Die Unfinished: A meditation on existential suffering  p. 3


  • Impact of a Home Hospice Visit Program on Third-Year Medical Students: A qualitative analysis of student reflections p. 5
    Lisa Strano-Paul, Susan Lane, Wei-Hsin Lu, and Latha Chandran
  • Dying in the Hospital: A qualitative study of perspectives of bereaved family members p. 13
    Ann Marie Dose, Elise C. Carey, Lori M. Rhudy, Yichen Chiu, Katrin Frimannsdottir, Abigale L. Ottenberg, and Barbara A. Koenig

  • “It Was Definitely Very Different”: An evaluation of palliative care teaching to medical students using a mixed methods approach p. 21
    Alison H Brand, Amanda Harrison, and Koshila Kumar
  • Development of a User-Friendly Graphic Tool to Estimate Individualized Survival Curves for Advanced Cancer Patients in Hospice Care p. 29
    Jui-Kun Chiang, Malcolm Koo, and Yee-Hsin Kao

  • The Continuous Confrontation of Caregiving, as Told Through Real-Time Online Group Chat p. 36
    Dana A. Male, Karen D. Fergus, and Joanne E. Stephen
  • Evaluation of the Utility of the Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale on a Tertiary Palliative Care Unit p. 44
    Elizabeth Beddard-Huber, Jyothi Jayaraman, Laura White, and Wendy Yeomans


  • Physiotherapy in Community Settings: Should the precautionary principle guide metastatic bone cancer treatment? p. 51
    Jonathan Lai Kwan, Claudia Maltais, and Maude Laliberté

Frontline Dispatch

  • Sedation and Analgesia in Unconscious Palliative Care Patients: Can bispectral index monitoring add to our understanding? p. 57
    Michael Barbato, Greg Barclay, Jan Potter, and Wilf Yeo

Poets & Palliative Care

  • The Same Mirror: Les Murray, spirituality and palliative care p. 60
    Frank Brennan

Letter to the Editor