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Second Quarter of 2015 (31:2)
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Editorial / Care without Judgment? pp.67-68


  • Impact of Palliative Care Consultations on Resource Utilization in the Final 48 to 72 Hours of Life at an Acute Care Hospital in Ontario, Canada pp. 69-75
    Thomas Foreman, Mike Kekewich, Joshua Landry, and Dorothyann Curran
  • Predictors of Place of Death for Those in Receipt of Home-Based Palliative Care Services in Ontario, Canada pp.76-88
    Denise Guerriere, Amna Husain, Denise Marshall, Brandon Zagorski, Hsien Seow, Kevin Brazil, Julia Kennedy, Robin McLernon, Sheri Burns, and Peter C. Coyte

  • Barriers to, and Facilitators to Physical Activity in Patients Receiving Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer: An exploratory study pp. 89-96
    Sébastien Mas, Xavier Quantin, and Gregory Ninot
  • Caring for Brain Tumour Patients: Psychological reactions after bereavement pp.97-102
    Alessandra Petruzzi, Claudia Yvonne Finocchiaro, Laura Rainoldi, Antonio Silvani, Mariangela Farinotti, Andrea Salmaggi, Lucio Sarno and Elena Lamperti

    The Role of Heart Rate Variability in Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients pp.103-108
    Kyungsuk Kim, Jean Chae, and Sanghun Lee
  • Palliative Care Information Needs in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States pp.109-117
    Saskia Jünger, Jasper Klose, Sarah Brearley, Katalin Hegedus, Sheila Payne, and Lukas Radbruch

Current Review

  • What Diagnostic Tools Exist for the Early Identification of Palliative Care Patients in General Practice? A systematic review pp.118-123
    Robert I. Walsh, Geoffrey Mitchell, Lily Francis, and Mieke L. van Driel

Case Report

  • Methylnaltrexone to Palliate Pruritus in Terminal Hepatic Disease pp.124-126
    Christopher M. Hohl, Jonathan K. Wong, and Michael S. Harlos

Book Reviews pp.127-128