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Special Notice

It is with great sadness that we announce that David J. Roy, founder and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Palliative Care, died suddenly on December 28, 2015. As we wait for a new editor-in-chief to be named, business at the journal will continue as before. We are currently preparing the first issue of 2016, which is expected to be printed, as usual, mid-March.

Third Quarter of 2015 (31:4)
Table of Contents



  • Validity, Reliability, and Insights from Applying the McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire to People Living with Parkinson’s Disease (MQoL-PD)  pp. 213-220
    Teneille E. Gofton, Hrishikesh Kumar, Angela Roberts-South, Mark Speechley, and Mandar S. Jog
  • Dysphagia in a Palliative Care Setting — A Coordinated Overview of Caregivers’ Responses to Dietary Changes: the DysCORD qualitative study  pp. 221-227
    Beverley J. Smith, Lisa Chong, Seungree Nam, and Ronald Seto
  • Pain Symptoms Associated with Opioid Use among Vulnerable Persons with HIV: An exploratory study with implications for palliative care and opioid abuse prevention  pp. 228-233
    Amy R. Knowlton, Trang Q. Nguyen, Allysha C. Robinson, Paul T. Harrell, and Mary M. Mitchell 

  • An Interhospital, Interdisciplinary Needs Assessment of Palliative Care in a Community Critical Care Context  pp. 234-242
    Aimee J. Sarti, Frances Fothergill Bourbonnais, Angèle Landriault, Stephanie Sutherland, and Pierre Cardinal

  • Indwelling Peritoneal Catheters for Managing Malignancy-Associated Ascites  pp. 243-249
    Benson Chun To Wong, Lorraine Cake, Lynn Kachuik, and Kayvan Amjadi
  • Assessment of Quality of Life of Family Members of Inpatients with End-Stage Disease  pp. 250-257
    Radka Bužgová, Radka Kozáková, and Lucie Sikorová

Current Review

  • Advance Care Planning Discussions in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A critical review  pp. 258-264
    Jacky Siu-hung Wong and Mary Gottwald

Case Report

  • Safe and Efficacious Use of Dexmedetomidine over a Prolonged Duration for Anxiolysis and as an Adjunct to Analgesia during End-of-Life Care  pp. 265-267
    Mainak Majumdar, Bernadette Wilks, and David Charlesworth

Reflections from the Bedside

  • Unspoken Words  pp. 268-269
    Frank Brennan
  • Moments That Last Forever  pp. 270-271
    Frank Brennan

Thanks to Reviewers  p. 272