Sylvie Belleville


After completing a master's degree in clinical psychology at UQTR and a Ph.D. degree at McGill, Dr Belleville worked as a clinical neuropsychologist while pursuing post-doctoral training at Cote-Des-Neiges Hospital. She then benefited from FRSQ chercheur-boursier and chercheur-national awards. She now is full professor in Psychology at Université de Montreal and director of resarch at IUGM.

Research Program

Cognitive deficit in normal aging, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease; Efficacy and neuronal correlates of cognitive training; impact of vascular burden on the cognition of older adults with and without cognitive deficits; interaction between nutrition and cognition.


La mémoire dans le temps (conférence CRIUGM)

Training-related brain plasticity in subjects at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (Brain)

Alzheimer: des chercheurs ravivent l'acuité du cerveau (

La plasticité du cerveau pourrait retarder la maladie d'Alzheimer (

Alzheimer : De l'importance de la plasticité du cerveau (

Profil de recherche - Plus qu'une affaire de mémoire(IRSC)

Sylvie Belleville Ph.D.
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